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Actions Have Consequences

Have you ever turned on the news and heard about a criminal who robbed and killed someone,  only to find out that they only got a very small amount of money from the crime?

It just doesn’t make sense to commit a crime to begin with, but one where you could end up in prison for twenty-five years to life just for a few dollars that will likely only last a few days makes even less sense.

That may seem quite strange to us, but does it make any more sense to spend our time chasing the perishable things of this world without regard to God? We will either serve Him and inherit eternal life or ignore Him and inherit eternal punishment.

Matthew 25:46

“And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

Breaking the law comes with consequences, but so does breaking God’s commandments. Keep this in mind as you live your life and consider your eternal destination.

— Sebastian Stroughter

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