Coping With A Moral Crisis

Our nation has been blighted with a lapse in morals to the point of it becoming a crisis.  It has affected the nation, family, church, and destroyed individuals who have become victims.
Society has been inundated by a breakdown in morals pertaining to sex, marriage, crime, honesty, identity, habits, and many other areas.  We have experienced a decline in attitude toward wrong in general.  Please note some basic causes for immorality:
1.   Rebellion against God – When God is left out, mankind “wrecks on the rocks of its stupidity!”  The Gentiles were good examples of this downfall.  The Jewish nation became alienated from Him because of their immoral behavior as well (Isa. 59:2).
2.   Denial of sin – It is a sign of the times when we explain away sin.  Denial of its existence kicks open the doors to much permissiveness. The people of Jeremiah’s day reached the point where they no longer blushed (Jer. 6:15).
3.   Elevation of human wisdom – Jeremiah said that “It is not in man who walks to direct his own steps” (Jer. 10:23).  Though man professes to be wise, his behavior makes him a fool (Rom. 1:22).  “Elevation of human reason does not elevate man.”  Man must return to God’s wisdom to escape the immorality trap.
4.   Dismissal of the Bible – Chaos exists when man is without restraint.  The “Bible is labeled obsolete because it contains absolutes.”  Evolution has tried to say there is no creator, therefore, no God. When God can be eliminated from the minds of men, there is no authority, thus the removal of restraint…anything goes!
Hosea said if we sow to the wind, we will reap a whirlwind (Ho. 8:7).  Those in Rome received “in themselves the penalty of their error that was due” (Rom. 1:27). It has been observed that “Dissipated bodies and damaged minds roll out of America’s moral-machine in increasing numbers.”  Sowing brings reaping; the time of reaping is nearing.
The cure is to return to God or sink lower.  We must return to the Scriptures to obtain hope (Ps. 39:6).  Sanctification comes only through the truth (Jn. 17:17) which so beautifully sets us free (Jn. 8:32).  We must return to God’s plan for the home, marriage, and sex (Mt. 5:27-32; 19:3-9; Eph. 5:21-31; 1 Cor. 6:16-20).  By recognizing the horror of sin we learn discipline and adequate fear of being its victim.
— Mike King, Lakeside Church of Christ

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