How To Have A Happy Family

Today’s family is on the minds of politicians, sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, counsel­ors, philosophers, and theologians. Newsweek magazine (May 15, 1978) featured a front page story on the modern family. Reader’s Digest condensed this analysis in the August, 1978 issue. The family is on everybody’s mind. Book­stores are stocked with popular paperbacks on sub­jects ranging from the art of living with others, to parenting, to coping with children, to managing money. This modern emphasis only reflects what’s been in the Bible all along: The family is God’s idea! True happiness and mutual satisfaction only come when family members respect God’s prin­ciples to guide their lives.
To run a test of your own home situation you might ask yourselves the following questions:
1. Is my mate closer to God or further from God because of me?
2. Can my family see that going to heaven is really the most important priority in my life?
3. Does our family take a few minutes each day to read and discuss God’s word?
4. Do all the family members pray together at least once a day besides at meal-time?
5. Is our family ministering to others who are needy, lonely, and struggling, or are we self-­sufficient and isolated from those whom Christ came to serve?
6. Does our family talk to one another in loving tones as though we appreciated and valued each other?
7. Does our family have time set aside to do enjoyable, recreational activities together?
8. Does each member of the family know that they are valued and loved”? Has this been openly and affectionately expressed to them?
9. Are our children growing up to have self-esteem and confidence in who they are? Can each child look himself in the mirror and say, “I’m glad I’m me”?
10. As lime goes by is our family drawing closer to God or is it fragmenting?
11. Is our relationship such that if I had it to do all over again, I would marry the same person, have the same children, and give myself to the same life? If I would select ideal parents for me, would I choose my mom and dad?
These questions will probe the minds and make us think. Begin today to strengthen your family ties and nurture your marriage relationship. God has given you only one wife, one husband, one family, and one life – make the most of it? Live, love and grow together.
Calvin Warpula

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