"If Christianity Were All Up to You . . ."

If Christianity were all up to you, how strong would the church of the Lord be? What would be her reputation and influence in the community and the world? How much would she know of the Bible, and how ready would she be to teach the lost? How united and trouble-free would the church be — how joyful would be the fellowship of the saints if every member were just like you?
If Christianity were all up to you, and no one were spiritually stronger than you were, what would happen to the distressed and burdened of the world? What would be the plight of the fatherless, little children — what would be the comfort of the weary, homeless stranger — yes, how much comfort would the helpless receive if every Christian were just like you? Mind you, not if they were like someone else but if they were just like you!
If all of the church were just like you, what would her mission program be? How would the travel-worn, heavy hearted missionary feel if he were coming to a whole congregation of Christians just like you? How many letters would he have received while in the foreign land; how many words of encouragement, yes, how many prayers in his behalf if every member were just like you?
If Christianity were all up to you, how dynamic would the worship service be? What would the singing be like? How fervent would be the prayers? How well would the truths of God’s Word taught there be learned? How well attended would the service be? How many would be there to worship God, to edify the brethren, and to teach the lost?
Answer, my brother and sister, answer now – for your eternal destiny hinges on the true answer!
Mike Riley; preachersfiles.com

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