If I Say I Am a Child of God

If I say I’m a child of God, then I must take His stand.
Speak only words He says I should, not the words of man.
If I say that I love the Lord, then I must take His stand.
Walk in His Perfect Holy Light, stay faithful to the end.
So when I say I refuse to lie, nor want the life of men, nor
do spite because of pride, nor live for selfish gain. Be not angry with me friend, these are the things I’ve learned from the Just and Perfect Holy
One, now you can take this up with Him.
Would you do what you’re doing if Jesus was right there? Would you not be ashamed for Him to know you have not cared to learn more of His Holy Ways so you can walk in Him? Or will you keep on doing your own thing, and stay forever lost in sin.
Don’t you know how He loved us, that He should come down here to live
the Life, the Son of Man, suffered and died back then to Raise the Only Sacrifice, by which we enter in to Perfect Peace and Holiness, Life Eternal with Him!
If I say I’m a child of God then every soul is worth my time to love and
share God’s Word whenever I can.
If I say that I love the Lord, then I must take His stand,
Hoping in the end He’ll call my name, then tell me “Child Enter In”.
So I’ll strive to stay, O Lord, on the Lighted path.
May my feet never go astray, but run straight ahead.
Oh I’ll truly seek His face to hear Him call my name.
Hope to hear my Blessed Savior say, “my child, my child, Enter In”
—Rachelle Ward

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