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The Joy of “Doing Unto Others”

What is it that brings you satisfaction? The answers to that question are endless. There are certain things that we “do for ourselves” that satisfy. But, many have found the real treasure. They have discovered the true and pure satisfaction that comes in “doing for others.”

Rather than waiting on someone to call you to see how you’re doing, do you call others first? Rather than waiting for someone to come over to your house to lend you a hand, do you lend others a hand first? Rather than waiting for someone to send you a thoughtful card, do you send a note first? Rather than waiting for someone to bring a meal to your house or ask you to go out to eat, do you take the meal first or ask them out first?

Is there satisfaction when others “do unto you?” Sure there is. But, you will never match the satisfaction that comes when you are the one “doing unto others” first. There is something very Jesus-like about that (Matt. 7:12; 20:28; John 13:14-17; Phil. 2:6-8)!

David Sproule; pblcoc.org

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