One of the deacons was called up frequently to pray at the midweek service, and always concluded his prayer the same way, “and now Lord, clean out all the cobwebs in our lives.” I think you know what he was talking about – those little unsightly words, deeds, and thoughts that we let accumulate through the week.
Well it got to be too much for one brother who had heard him pray that prayer many times. So one Wednesday night, after hearing
those words again, he jumped to his feet and said, “Don’t do it Lord! JUST KILL THE SPIDER!”
How good and pleasing to God would it be if we just killed the spider rather than continue to have our lives filled with cobwebs. We
will never be able to live acceptable before God and reach the heights Christ set for us until deep inside of us we have the desire to
live clean and right before God. The greatest problem faced by the average Christian is the lack of desire to really give up the world
and completely surrender to Christ. Thus, we always find our lives cluttered with “cobwebs,” with sins and mistakes. Let’s start by
cleaning up the inside. Once we kill the spider we will no longer have to worry about the bothersome cobwebs.
Author Unknown

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