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Keep His Commands

If you were a boss and left your employees written directions as to some tasks that you wanted done, but when you returned to the office they had done some things that they thought you would like better, how would you react? Would some heads roll? What about if you had kids and you asked them to do certain chores while you were away, and yet when you came home they had decided to do some other chores that they enjoyed better. how would you react? What about if you are a husband and your wife wrote a list of items that she wanted you to buy at the store, but you decided to buy things that you liked better? how would you react?

Why do some understand this concept but neglect to apply it to our relationship with God? He left us instructions through the Bible. But some have decided to do their own thing and ignore His word. But, within His word it reads:

John 14:15
“If you love me, you will keep My commandments.”

Remember that there is a reason that God has written to us. Don’t ignore His instructions.

— Sebastian Stroughter

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