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The Last Person…?

Who was the last person you talked to about your children, your grandchildren, or your cute puppy? Who was the last person you talked to in order to schedule an appliance repair, a dental appointment, or a technician to come out and fix your cable or internet? Who was the last person you talked to in order to pay for your meal, to pay for your groceries, or to pay for your oil change? We talk to all sorts of people about all sorts of things. We seem to be able to do this without too much difficulty.

Now . . . who was the last person you talked to about the Bible, about Jesus, about God’s expectations for us, about salvation, about the church, about having a Bible study, about coming to worship, about preparing for eternity? About any of these things? What was their name? And, when was this? Was it in the last couple of weeks? Or was it a few years ago? Do you suppose that Jesus might ask the same sort of question of us on the day of judgment? Honestly, who was the last person? And, now, who will be the next?

David Sproule

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