Let Me See Your Tongue

One of the first things that a physician says to his patient is, “Let me see your tongue.”  A spiritual adviser might often do the same (N. Adams).   It has been said by another insightful person that “Speech is the index of the mind.”
Truly, how sweet the words of truth breathed from the lips of love. How repulsive those spoken from the lips of a self-serving individual!
The writer James is known for coverage of the subject of the tongue.  In the very first chapter, he warned his readers to “lay aside all filth” (Jas. 1:21) which he made sure to include the sins of the tongue.  He addressed the subject once again in his third chapter.  Note the words of Harry S. Cushman:
I do not ask
The crowds may throng the temple,
The standing room be priced
I only ask that as I voice the message,
They may see Christ!
I do not ask
For churchly pomp or pageant
Or music such as wealth alone can buy.
I only ask that as I voice the message,
He may be nigh!
I do not ask
That men may sound my praises
Or headlines spread my name abroad,
I only pray that as I voice the message.
Hearts may find God!
I do not ask
For earthly place or laurel,
Or of this world’s distinctions any part,
I only ask when I have voiced the message,
My Savior’s heart!
Most of us are aware of the negative uses of the tongue and the consequences promised for such usage.  It can devour (Isa. 30:27), like a scourge (Job 5:21), a sword (Ps. 57:4), it is false (Ps. 120:3) and needs to be kept from evil (Ps. 34:13). So much warmer thoughts can be entertained by reading about the beauty of the tongue when used correctly. It can be used wisely (Pr. 12:18), as a singing tongue (Ps. 126:2), to the wise it is health (Prov. 12:18), wholesome, a tree of life (Prov. 15:4) and powerful (Prov. 18:21).
There is never a sermon that I preach or a trip to be made for a series of lessons, but what I am keenly made aware of the gravity of every word to be spoken.  I just hope they may see Christ!
–Mike King; Lakeside church of Christ

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