Sleeping When the Wind Blows

A farmer needed a hired man. After trying several workers, who all failed to meet his standards, the farmer began to get desperate.
Then another worker applied for the job. The farmer asked him, “What qualifies you for this job?”
The man answered, “I can sleep at night when the wind blows.”
That didn’t sound too promising, but since he was desperate, the farmer hired the newcomer.
That night there was a terrific thunderstorm. The farmer awoke, ran to the hired man’s room and tried to arouse him. He could not.
Muttering to himself something like, “I’ll take care of him in the morning,” the farmer went outside into the night and the driving rain. He found the barn doors securely closed, the haystack well covered and the tractor put away in the shed. There was nothing he could do but return to the house and go back to bed. Then he understood why his new hired man had said, “I can sleep at night when the wind blows.”
Isn’t it comforting to know that when we have prepared ourselves for Jesus’ coming by faithfully doing the things the Lord has made clear to us, he will take care of those things beyond our control?
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