The Dollar Carries the Message

Like so many other everyday things, even our money bears witness to the fact that ours is a God-founded nation, and it emphasizes the additional fact that as a nation we rely upon Divine Providence.
On the dollar bill is a pyramid, which represents the building of our country. The fact that it is broken emphasizes that our nation is not yet completed. Directly above the pyramid is an eye symbolizing the eye of God. This stresses the importance of putting spiritual welfare above material prosperity. Our Founding Fathers firmly believed that our strength was rooted in God and that our progress must always be under the watchful eye of Providence.
Another important symbol is contained in the words Annuit Coeptis in a semicircle at the top of the seal. Referring to the Almighty, they mean “He has smiled on our undertakings.”
And, finally, three Latin words appear directly under the pyramid, meaning “A new order of the ages.” That statement suggests that our nation, under God, is introducing a new age in the life and freedom of mankind.
via Nation Under God

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