Why Jesus?

Why do people revolve their lives around church to worship a man in an ancient book named Jesus?

It is because Jesus offers a hope and life that gives a person peace that can’t be found in anything or anyone else.

Peace is resolving to accept the outcome of a situation or the outcome of life. Jesus offers a hope for peace by giving a path way that puts into perspective what is important and to be relieved of what is excess baggage.

Your life is its own path for you to walk and along the way you will accumulate things and people. Things and people often become a lot to manage even if they are few in number.

Why Jesus? Because: Peace

Inevitably it is both things and people that give us anxiety, but Jesus teaches us in Matthew 6:25, that life is more than accumulating things for ourselves. Instead, He continues to say all you need is a daily provision, and to refocus your perspective on what is important. What is important is what happens after life.

To this Jesus says in Matthew 6:22-24 “Seek first the kingdom of God, and God’s righteousness, and everything else will be taken care of.”

Jesus is offering a purpose for life that is not accumulation, but rather permission to not focus on accumulation and focus on something bigger — Himself and a forever home with Him. A place that does not need a new model or software update.

By focusing on getting to this eternal place, peace can be found by prioritizing this investment above any other investment that will last only as long as the investor is alive.

We do not always choose what kind of people we will accumulate in our lives like parents, guardians, coworkers, family members.

Sometimes we do get to choose what kind of people we hold close to us. In both of these groups Jesus teaches us how to be toward all types of people: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31).

Why Jesus? Because: Justice

This is easier read than done. What if someone in my life has served me a great injustice? No injustice can escape from His observation or judgment, even if it is evaded on earth.

Isaiah 11:3-4 describes Jesus as a just judge. The injustices do not escape His sight and we carry a peace that in every time of history, He will be dealing with everything as it should be dealt with. We have a peace in Jesus, that He does not have a unfair favor.

If Jesus is this same righteous judge to those that deal injustice, we have to apply the same principal to ourselves. We all have served some sort of offense to someone else, and that is on offense to the righteous judge as well.

We can once again find peace in Jesus by knowing He is willing to wipe away that offense we have committed, as only He can. Not only does He wipe it away, but He offers a peace that after this life, that offense is not held against us and we can once again focus on living for the bigger picture of living with Him: seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:22).

Why Jesus? Because: Love

Jesus also offers us a peace in treating others as we would be treated (Luke 6:31), by loving everyone as we ought to (Mark 12:31). 

Not only does Jesus tell us to love, but He shows us love by sacrificing Himself for us, and then tells us to do the same for others. Jesus offers peace by emphasizing a selfless concern for each other’s well being, and if it were to be modeled, offers peace both to the recipient and provider of each person. 

Why Jesus?

Ultimately Jesus has taken every concern into consideration and has offered a direct path to peace that can only be found in Him and is openly offering and desiring to give a peaceful life, after-life, and purposeful life to everyone — including you.

When you resolve to follow Jesus, you resolve to finding peace in everyday life, in every relationship, in every position of life, with guarantee of peace after this life. When you do not have peace you are anxiously searching for it, and when you find peace, you don’t want to let it go.

The more you learn about Jesus, the more you want the peace He is inviting you to find in Him.

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