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A gospel meeting is a series of faith-building assemblies with a strong focus on Bible preaching. Our members look forward to the life-changing lessons from God’s Word by a visiting preacher. The event goes from Wednesday night to Sunday night. Guests are encouraged to join us for the weekend’s blessings. People are amazed when they come to the assemblies and experience the power of the Bible. Lives are changed.


What to expect:

  • A caring “family” of brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Worship that truly honors God
  • Strong preaching that follows the Bible
  • A warm and friendly greeting
  • Enthusiastic singing
  • Heartfelt prayers
  • People who love God and the Bible


What will these sessions do for you?

  • Build your faith
  • Introduce some “Action Heroes” of the Bible to your kids
  • Challenge you to do God’s will and enjoy His blessings
  • Strengthen your understanding of spiritual things
  • Demonstrate the power of a capella musical praise to touch your heart
  • Introduce you to caring, godly people


—Mike Wilson


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