The Mission of the Santa Clara Church

The Christians at the Santa Clara Church of Christ are a body of individuals who strive to live, serve, and worship exactly like the first-century Christians did.

We arrange our worship based on what is authorized by Biblical scriptures without consulting any third-party doctrines, literature, or other material. All our services consist of Bible study, acapella singing, prayer, and a lesson given by one of the men in the congregation.
During our Sunday service we partake of the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus, which is a practice commanded in the Bible and demonstrated by first-century Christians. We do not take communion any other day of the week, simply because the Bible does not authorize us to do so.
Not one of us would claim to be perfect. We are all sinners, redeemed by Jesus, doing our best to carry out His will in our worship assemblies and our lives.
The Santa Clara church vision, put simply, is to carry out the will of God exactly as it is described in the Bible, with no additions or subtractions by ourselves, or anyone else; and we would be thrilled to share our worship with you!
Livestream our services online, watch a collection of sermons on our website, or visit us in person to see just how simple, beautiful, and profound biblically-based worship can be.

Tough Questions About the Bible
(November 2-5, 2023)

You have questions about the Bible, but when was the last time you looked for the answers?

Join us November 2-5 for answers to some of the Bible’s toughest questions! More info can be found here.

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