What If The Purpose of Life Isn't What You Think?

Myth: Wealth and Success are Everything

Although the world has promised you wealth and happiness through higher education, a challenging career, and following the newest trend, life is meaningless and disappointing. The more you gain through wealth and worldly success, the less purpose you find in your life. That’s the theme of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

Fact: God Offers a Better Purpose

God created the world and your place in it. You were created for a purpose, to use the gifts from our God as a means to enjoy, praise, and get closer to Him. Ultimately, this is found in following Jesus Christ and the hope of Heaven!

Experience Transformation

When you live for Christ, your world completely changes.. God gives your life purpose and hope in a way you will never find without Him. You are infinitely valuable to your Creator, who laid out His plans in the Bible. True joy comes from following Him.

The Bible teaches us that...

Without God
  1. Humanity suffers through mindless, and even painful, cycles.
  2. Worldly accomplishments bring no lasting fulfillment.
  3. Youth, beauty, and strength fade. Death comes and life has no point.
With God
  1. Earthly struggles only highlight the joy of eternity with God.
  2. Purpose and fulfillment are found in having God’s approval.
  3. Death has no power over you. There is resurrection to new life.

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