Apologetics is about examining important questions that relate to Christian faith.

Millions of online searches each month ask, “Who is Jesus?”, “Who is God?”, and “What is life?”. People all over the world are trying to make sense of their life. Many wonder if purpose can really be found in God or Christ. Is the Bible really from God? These are valuable questions, and no one should feel lost and unable to find answers

“Prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks…”

- 1 Peter 3:15

Three Lesson Video Series

"How We Got the Bible"

Six Lesson Video Series

"Proof of Jesus"

More Studies are in the works!

"Stay tuned!"

More Studies are in the works!

"Stay tuned!"

At the Santa Clara church of Christ we believe it is worth investing the time to offer material to those searching for answers.

Skeptics and fellow Christians alike will see for themselves crucial evidence that supports Christian faith.

What questions do you have?

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