Want a Free Book on Prayer?

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What would you say if you were given one opportunity to talk to God face to face? 

Would you tell Him what you think about His world? 

Would you ask Him for forgiveness for everything you’ve done wrong? 

Or would you thank Him for sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins? 

Why not all three? 

Everyone of us has thousands of opportunities every day to do just that, and yet sadly, few of us ever take the time to speak to Him. He’s there, waiting for us to talk to Him, but we have other things to take care of first. 

And when we do decide to cry out to Him, it’s usually rushed – like praying that He would help us ace our next test or to not come unglued at every little annoyance.

Why do we not take a few minutes every day to calmly talk to the One who gave His Son to die for our sins? Could it be that we don’t know how? 

Fortunately the Scriptures are replete with instructions on how to talk to Him. Virtually every major Bible character from Samson to Stephen has something to teach us about prayer, and we would be wise to listen to what they tell us. 

We should always be like the Apostles, who, after observing how important it was for Jesus to commune with His Father, begged that He would teach them also, saying, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

Tough Questions About the Bible
(November 2-5, 2023)

You have questions about the Bible, but when was the last time you looked for the answers?

Join us November 2-5 for answers to some of the Bible’s toughest questions! More info can be found here.

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