Are We Like Mules?

In London, Lord Shaftesbury was told that if his mules worked six days per week, resting
on Sunday, they could travel thirty miles per day, while mules that worked seven days per week
could travel only fifteen miles per day, thereby losing seventy-five miles per week. By taking
Sunday off, they gained 3,900 miles per year.
A nearby coalmine used mules in the underground shafts. They learned that by bringing
them up into the light every Sunday, they kept them from going blind.
In thinking about this, can we make application to ourselves today? By taking the Lord’s
day from our labor, and devoting it to worship, meditation and service, we make much more
headway than by not refreshing ourselves with weekly worship. Also, regarding the animals in
the mines, we must constantly come back to the light of God’s Word to keep ourselves from
becoming spiritually blind. Jesus said in Matthew 6:23, “If thine eye be evil, thy whole body
shall be full of darkness…” Let us take lessons from mules by worshipping regularly.
John Wright

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