At Ease

I love the account of Job. This great man is known for his godliness and patience. But it
was not always so. Job was like many of us in this generation; caught up in our daily lives and
our possessions. Job was one of the richest men of his day, having apparently been blessed
abundantly by God. All was going well with him, so why should he worry about anything?
What Job didn’t know was that a conversation was going on between God and Satan
concerning him. God was about to allow Satan to afflict Job very strenuously. Chapter one
describes how, in one day, everything was taken away from this man. Chapter two relates how
Satan afflicted his body with sores from head to foot. In chapter 16, Job defines his suffering
thus: “I was at ease, but he hath broken me asunder: he hath also taken me by my neck, and
shaken me to pieces…” He was at ease enjoying his wealth and position in life, not thinking that
God could take it all away in a day. Amos 6:1 says “Woe to them that are at ease in Zion, and
trust in the mountain of Samaria…” Let us not take God’s wonderful blessings for granted, but
give Him thanks and praise for all He has let us have.
John Wright

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