Building Too Low

A lady sat at her window one bright, balmy spring morning. She saw a little bird that had chosen a rosebush for its home and was very busy bringing in sticks and hair and feathers and other material to make its house.

“Ah, you pretty little creature,” said the lady, “you are building too low. Soon the destroyer will come and break up your sweet home.”

And so it was….. The days passed by; the nest was finished, and then there were eggs in the nest, and then four great big mouths were open whenever the low chirp of the mother announced that she had something for them to eat.

One day the lady sat by the window sewing. Suddenly she heard the cry of the birds in the deepest distress, and she looked out to see what was the matter. There was a great snake that had crawled up and was devouring the helpless little ones, while just above them the poor heartbroken mother fluttered about in the wildest distraction. But it was too late; her children were gone, and her home was left desolate – a sad reminder of her folly in building so near the ground.

So it is with people who have no higher ambition than earthly pleasures, wealth or honors. THEY BUILD TOO LOW! Their heart’s home is in easy reach of death and the devil, and depend upon it – the destroyer will come, soon or late.

One day, this world – and ALL that is in it — will come to an end when Jesus returns.

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up “(2 Peter 3:10).

If we have been placing our focus and our hope in the things of this world, WE TOO will discover TOO LATE that we have “BUILT TOO LOW.”

ONLY those who have built their lives upon Jesus and His Word will be victorious over sin and Satan (Matthew 7:24-27; 1 John 2:15-17).

The Lord has assured VICTORY and an ETERNAL HOME to those who will: place their faith and trust in Jesus (Acts 16:30-31) who died on the cross to redeem us from sin. Those who by faith turn away from sin in repentance(Acts 17:30-31), confess Jesus before men (Romans 10:9-10), and are baptized (immersed) into Christ will have their sins washed away and will know the hope of eternal life (Acts 2:38; 22:16).

“Some build their hopes on the ever-drifting sand, Some on their fame, or their treasure, or their land; Mine’s on a Rock that forever will stand, Jesus, the ‘Rock of Ages.'” – From the Sunday School Journal, 1871

Don’t “BUILD TOO LOW.” Build your life on Jesus, the Rock of Ages!

Won’t YOU?

David A. Sargent , Minister

Church of Christ at Creekwood
1901 Schillinger Rd. S.
Mobile, Alabama 36695

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