Church Bones

A preacher once categorized his congregation into five types of bones: (1) Wishbones –
folks wishing for better things, but not willing to work for them. (2) Jawbones. – gossiping kind
that put others in turmoil. (3) Funny bones – touchy people who wear their feelings on their
sleeves. (4) Drybones – true to faith but dead as fossils. (5) Backbones – those who are the
spiritual support of the church and keep the body standing.
It’s fine to wish for better things, but let’s make an effort to bring them about by every
means at our disposal.
There are some who need special help and attention to keep them faithful and active. By
lending this help, we are rendering a great service to them and to ourselves. When we can
strengthen someone, we become stronger in the process.
Finally, let us be patient, knowing that our efforts are not always rewarded with success.
We dare not become weary in well doing (Galatians 6:9), and we need to pray to God to help us
in our down times.
John Wright

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