He Sighed

One of the amazing things about Jesus our Lord is though he was God-Deity, he was just as much human-flesh as you and I. In Mk.7:34 we read of Jesus healing a man who was both deaf, and with a speech impediment, as he was about to heal this man he looked up into heaven and the scripture says “he sighed”. In Mk.8: 12 when ask to give a sign from heaven, the Bible said “he sighed deeply in his spirit”. The word sigh carries the idea of an inward groaning, the English dictionary says to exhale a long deep breath as in sorrow or grief. It seems that the Lord felt as we do at times when in weariness we are called upon to something we sigh and then we accomplish the task at hand. It’s not that in these times we don’t care or that we hate to do for another but we just get tired. It takes the noble spirit of sacrifice to sigh, get our minds in gear and get at it. Now it seems in Mk.8 when the Lord sighed or groaned deeply in his spirit, it was of a mixture of sorrow and anger. Anger because of the hardness of their heart (Mk.3:5) and sorrow for such unbelief. One day I was talking with a fellow about the scriptures and we got to the point of the greatest commandment, he said it was to love your neighbor. I pointed out what Jesus said in Matt.22 that the greatest was to Love God and the second to love your neighbor as yourself. He wouldnt accept this so when I sighed in dismay at such an attitude he said “I guess you know when you are beat.” I guess we all have felt like the Lord from time to time when seek to teach people, but dont quit teaching, there are others who will listen.
Dan McKibben

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