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The Heart’s Posture in Worship

One’s physical posture in worship, while it can have an impact, is not the focus. You could be standing on the outside, but asleep on the inside. You could be kneeling on the outside, but bored on the inside.

The real focus to which each and every worshiper must give attention is the posture of their heart. Consider words from Psalm 95. Is this you? Don’t think about this physically. Focus on your heart. “Oh come!” “Let us sing to the Lord!” “Let us shout joyfully!” “Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving!” “Let us shout joyfully to Him!” “Oh come!” “Let us worship!” “Let us bow down!” “Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker!” “Hear His voice!” “Do not harden your heart!”

Fellow worshiper, we spend too much time focused on the number of songs, the length of the sermon, the temperature of the air and the comfort of the pews! Let…us…worship…Him!

David Sproule

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