Preaching Tips

Don’t let the well get empty. Read the Bible every day.

Preach the Word. Get out of the way and let the sacred text do the work.

Preach the whole counsel of God – and don’t eliminate anything that is needed, even if It’s not popular (Acts 20:20, 27).

Stop where the text stops (1 Peter 4:11). Your job is not to have all the answers – just the ones that are clearly revealed.

Get into the Word, let the Word get into you, so that you can get the Word into your audience – with enthusiasm.

Know your audience, as much as possible. Use tact whenever possible. Save up some courage, if tact doesn’t work.

Seal everything with prayer (Acts 6:4). Invite God’s blessing into your preaching, and your influence for good will go farther.

Combine the commands of God with the greatness of the God who gave the commands. People need to see how BIG this is.

Love people. Honor them. Commend them. But don’t artificially flatter them.

Remember that “preaching Jesus” includes preaching on Biblical authority. It takes only one generation to lose touch of what matters most.

Mike Wilson

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