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Remember Your Creator!

As Solomon reflected on his life and the many vain pursuits in which he had engaged to find his true meaning and purpose, one of the conclusions to which he came and enjoined upon others was simply this, “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth” (Ecc. 12:1).

While none of the following would be wrong or are categorically dismissed by the text, notice that Solomon did not say, “Remember your God” or “your Lord” or “your Judge” or “your Savior” or “your King.” All of those would be accurate designations (and are obviously included in “Creator”), but there is something intentional about this first Bible use of the word “Creator.”

The true meaning of life, Solomon wanted us to know, is found in a constant reflection upon and intense faith in this fundamental truth–“In the beginning God created”! God made me! I would not be here without HIM! I would not be anything without HIM! I would have no hope without HIM! When I “remember” that, the rest of my life will fall in line behind (and find purpose in) HIM!

David Sproule

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