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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “restoration” as:

1) A bringing back to a former position or condition
2) A representation or reconstruction of the original form

Each of these definitions tell us that an important goal of restoration is bringing the subject to the original state of creation. It is a process to restore the subject according to the design and purpose of the original creator. Anything short of the original would not be a true restoration, and anything more would be an enhancement. Either of these would not show true homage to the creator. The implied statement would be that the original designer either went too far or did not do enough.

Is that a message that we are comfortable giving to God regarding His church? Over the years, since the church began in Acts chapter 2, people have tried to change the design and purpose of God’s creation. But, we have also been blessed with those who have seen the importance of restoring what man has done, on the human side of the equation, to the glory of the original plan of the Lord for His church. So, as we come together as a church today, let us strive to make sure that what we do in worship is a restoration, nothing more and nothing less.

— Sebastian Stroughter

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