So Who Cares About the Resurrection of Christ?

A lot of people talk about the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. But does it really matter?

Isn’t it just a curious relic from theological history? How can it possibly affect my life?

On Sunday, April 12, you’ll find out just how much it matters. Jesus and the apostles draw a connection between his resurrection and our victory over past sin, our hope in the future, and the power of the Christian life in the present. At the 10 a.m. worship hour, we will connect the dots and show you what this life-changing truth means to you. At 9 a.m., there are Bible classes for everyone in the family, and the adult auditorium class will focus on the very first gospel sermon presented just a few weeks after the resurrection (Acts 2). Come and be our guest for Bible study and worship. Your life might never be the same!

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