A seed in fertile ground sprouting.

Soils Are Changing, But the Seed is Not

We are living in interesting times. Cultural trends seem to be shifting further and further away from clear Biblical truth. We are told that we are living in “post-truth” times. As a result, “soils” around us are changing. Many hearts that were once “good soil” now seem to be “thorny”; many “thorny” soils now seem “stony;” and many “stony” soils now seem to be “wayside” hearts (cf. Luke 8:11-15). It doesn’t seem like there is as much “good soil” around as there used to be.

So, what does that mean for us? Does that mean we should give up on sowing the seed of the gospel (Luke 8:11)? Absolutely not! Does that mean that we should try to make some adjustments to the seed to make it more palatable to the various soils we find today? No way!

We must be even more committed to the pure, unadulterated gospel of Christ (Gal. 1:6-9). We must be even more committed to Jesus as the only way to salvation (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). We must be even more committed to lovingly sharing the good news with all soils of our day!

David Sproule

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