Photo of a man holding his head, appearing stressed in an article at the Church of Christ at Santa Clara SCCOC Truthseekers website.

Stressed Much?

Stress. The very word itself, just saying it, is distressing! It closely resembles “stretched,” which is what some stress feels like. It rhymes with “press,” which is what other stress feels like. Life often has a way of gripping us with tension, worry, anxiety, and troubles of all sorts.

When stress has you stressed, may I encourage you to take a moment (you can afford just one quick moment) to find a place of isolation, close your eyes, take an extra-deep breath, exhale very slowly, and remember these wonderful truths: (1) God is with you (Josh. 1:9). Stop and say it, “God is with me!” (2) God loves you (1 John 4:19). Stop and say it, “God loves me!” (3) God wants to help you (Psa. 46:1; Heb. 13:6). Stop and say it, “God wants to help me!” (4) God wants what is best for you (Deut. 6:24; Rom. 8:28). Stop and say it, “God wants what is best for me!” Now, go back to #1 and go through it again (and again).

Trust God! Trust that He knows! Trust that He cares! Trust that He is your God!

David Sproule

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