The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Looking for a great “Family Night”?
How about taking your kids to church? Here’s why….

On Friday, October 1st, at 7 pm, a master story teller will be in town to tell “the Greatest Story Ever Told” – the Bible as you’ve never heard it before!

Mother and her daughters reading the Bible

Friday 7 pm
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Saturday 7 pm
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Sunday 10 am
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Church of Christ
850 Pomeroy Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 241-0159

We’ll be taking you through the entire bible in a family friendly, kid approved trip by master Bible story teller Ralph Walker. This is a special event, 3 night event for a little over an hour each night. It will be insightful, entertaining and above all an eye-opening look into this book of stories called the bible.

If you’ve even had the tiniest interest in the Bible, this is your chance to hear it told and conveyed in a powerful way! We’re a group of non-denominational Christians that come from different corners and cultures of the world that believe in only what the Bible reads. Everyone is welcome to come, and there’s no obligations whatsoever.

Ralph Walker of Tampa, Florida is a gifted preacher and narrator. As Public Relations Director at a private Christian college, he’s extremely popular with the students on campus. And he’ll be in town for a special weekend event that starts on Friday night, October 1st.

Bring the kids. Bring the whole family. This is something you won’t want to miss!

Can’t make it on Friday? There will be follow-up sessions on Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10 am.

Get a sneak peek of some of Ralph’s Speaking:

Joseph’s Dream
[audio:Ralph-josephs-dream.mp3|titles=Joseph’s Dream|artists=Ralph Walker]
John’s Revelation
[audio:Ralph-johns-revelation.mp3|titles=John’s Revelation|artists=Ralph Walker]
I Am the Good Shepherd
[audio:Ralph-good-shepherd.mp3|titles=I Am the Good Shepherd|artists=Ralph Walker]

About Ralph Walker:
Ralph Walker, Jr., began serving the Henderson Blvd family as a shepherd in January of 2003. He is husband to Paula, whose father served as a shepherd in the South Jacksonville church until his death. Ralph and Paula have 3 daughters, all three are married. All have chosen Christian men to share their lives. Ralph also serves as one of the evangelists for the church, through in a part-time capacity. He preached full-time for 19 years before moving to Florida to work as Public Relations Director at Florida College. He preached in Louisville, KY, for a year of training, 5 years in Cleveland, MS, and 13 years in Concord, NC. Paula has worked as a secretary at Florida College.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us using the form below:

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Audio tracks used by permission of the Florida College Chorus from “The Greatest Story Ever Told Parts 1 & 2 – The Birth and The Life.

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