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The Value of Time

The Silicon Valley is full of things to do. That might be your job, just working; visiting grocery stores or restaurants, to fulfill your needs; or even going for a drive or a hike, getting out into nature, appreciating the rugged beauty that surrounds us on every side. There’s so much to do here, for function or fun, it can be overwhelming.

Many people take these opportunities for what they are: just things to do. We tend to take them and go to do things simply for the sake of doing them, to pass the time or make money or get a little happiness along the way. With so many options of things to do, how do you know what to focus on?

How do you know what’s worth your time? How do you make those judgements? What’s worth our dedication, exactly?

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Time is Valuable

Different actions have different levels of importance. You have needs and wants, and needs are clearly the more important. Having food on your table is vital; the next model of iPhone might be cool, but it’s not essential for living. There’s clearly a hierarchy, which means some things in life don’t matter that much. You should seek success in the things that are the most important, not the stuff that doesn’t matter.

So how do we determine what is or is not of great importance? What should we focus on as the most important thing in life?

Matthew 6:19 and the Treasures of Heaven

There are plenty of places you could go for advice: some are time-tested and function well, while some are momentary fads. In terms of this time-tested, effectual advice, nothing’s better than the Bible. It’s stood strong for well over 2,000 years. With an impressive legacy like that, what might it recommend?

Facts of the Bible

Jesus speaks to this very question in Matthew 6. Starting from verse 19, He emphasizes what truly deserves your focus: you can build up your stock of earthly things, like money or clothing or housing, but those will ultimately all decay.

Don’t do that! Rather, focus on the things of Heaven. You can definitely have some things here—go work, provide for yourself and your family, enjoy life!—but if the main focus of your life is that which will decay, you’ll ultimately be disappointed at the end.

What is the Value of Time?

Some things are definitely worth investing in, and investing heavily. But, not everything is: we need to prioritize. What should you be prioritizing? Don’t spend your life fruitlessly, succeeding at things that don’t matter! Find what does matter: and when you think on it, you may realize that the material things are pretty temporary. The only things that will last aren’t the possessions found in this world, but the intangible things that point us toward the next.

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