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Where’s Your Hope?

The Bible has a whole chapter about love (1 Cor. 13). The Bible has a whole chapter about faith (Heb. 11). The Bible has a whole chapter about hope–do you know which chapter it is? It is longer than the chapter about love and the chapter about faith combined. It is found in First Corinthians 15–what most Bible students might refer to as the resurrection chapter.
As Christians, we have a living hope because Jesus Himself was raised from the dead (15:1-19), and because “Christ is risen from the dead,” He “has become the firstfruits” of those who have died in Christ (15:20). His resurrection guarantees our resurrection! Death is not the end! In fact, when Jesus returns, “the dead will be raised,” and death will be no more (15:52-54)!
Is there hope beyond this life? Is there hope beyond our last breath? Is there hope beyond the grave? Yes! That hope is wrapped around the same thing that our faith and love are wrapped around–Jesus Christ! Let us put our hope in Him and eagerly await His return!
David Sproule

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