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The Wind in Your Life. . .and Jesus

In the middle of the night, Jesus saw that His disciples, who were several miles out into the stormy sea, were “straining at rowing” (Mark 6:48). Matthew uses the word “wind” three times in his paragraph about this event. First, he records that when Jesus saw His friends from a distance, “the wind was contrary” (Matt. 14:24). Second, when Peter got out of the boat to walk to Jesus, Matthew records that Peter “saw the wind was boisterous” (14:30). But, when the Lord saved Peter and they got into the boat together, “the wind ceased” (14:32).
There are times in our lives when “the winds of life” blow “contrary” to us. Even when Jesus is near, sometimes they can still be “boisterous.” But, let us not take our eyes off of Jesus, even in the midst of our storms. Rather, let us continually cry out to Him, “Lord, save me!” If we put our “faith” in Him, with no “doubt” in our hearts (cf. 14:31), we can get “into the boat” together and let Jesus take care of the winds that seek to blow us off course! Remember, “even the wind” in your life will “obey Him” (Mark 4:41)!
David Sproule

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